A Crown of Ashes

by Principium

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released September 3, 2016

Art by Bo Bradshaw



all rights reserved


Principium Salt Lake City, Utah

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Track Name: A Crown of Ashes
Snowdrifts mold the land, carve it apart
Survey the carnage
Don’t look behind you
No use to dwell on the loss, carry on

A crown that burns, blazing red
Until the crown glows, burns you to ash

Falling down through the void, reaching out
My fingertips inches away from this crown
Straining just to brush it
Closer and then fall back into the black

A crown that burns, blazing red
I place both hands beside it
A sacrifice to claim (you know the crown)
Devours all who don, burns you to ash

The choice has been made
It was made from the start
Free will illusion
You know what you are
You know what you’ll do

Burns you to ash
I give myself to the flames
Track Name: With the Wind as Your Breath
Feel the heat
Feel the warmth of the starlight
Glorious is my inheritance

I walk the streets at night and gaze above
Ivory structures hanging from the void

I want to walk this earth like it is mine
I want to run like I am in a dream
I yearn for more
Fearing the dark behind the door

Feel the warmth
Feel the heat of the sunshine
Thunderous is the river’s roar

And yet I’m pinned here in a dim lit room
Sentenced to live with it just out of reach
Cancerous growth inside inactive mind
Pressing against the skull within

I watch it all from deep inside, and wish
To see the flora rise and bloom, unfold
I yearn for more
To live before I open the door

A spark of life
To bring him back around
A spark of life
To pull him off the ground

Stained glass will crack
Pierced by the burning sunrise
The stones will crumble
And we will all fall asleep again
(Feel free to sing along with me on this the second time through)

Breathing smoke
Feel the sear in your breathing lungs
Stepping through the wreckage

The buildings have all crumbled down around
Leaving you free to walk the rubble
A gentle breeze will blow away the smoke
And pave the way for sunshine’s healing ray

And now I walk this earth like it is mine
Running like I am in a dream, dream on
I have it all
No door for me to even consider

A spark of life
To bring him back around
A spark of life
To pull him off the ground

A sign of life
From something not alive
A sign of breath
From crusted, twitching mounds
Track Name: A View from the Dark
Waken from your slumber
Dreams will have to wait
Close off your weary mind
Shoulder the weight

All that you wanted once, negotiated away
All that you thought you could reach, pushed back another day

Gone is the day
As the stars begin to yawn
Gone is the day
So far away, the dawn

Shaken and deafened by the ticking clock
I trusted in my heart and now I see I’m blind
The weary journey from void to void
Filled in with memories, a constant growth through time
I squint through angry tears, comforting myself
My image of my ego splinters and decays

I cringe in the light
Blinded by the holy image
I cringe in the light
To my dying breath, I’ll dig

I cringe at the light
Til I reach the inner ceiling
We cringe at the light
Fall into the endless void

Waken to the morning sun
Through milky eyes
Until my dying day
My mediocrity shall suffice
Track Name: No Price Too High
I’ve killed my brother with blood magic
The last Baratheon alive
A chilly breeze is singing, the stag is wounded
Flames die on the water

Wildfire unleashed in the river
Frantic screams, and helpless am I to save their lives or turn back the time
Even still, we only go forward

The walls belch fire and iron
Arrows stream, piercing the darkness
Crashing galleys upon the shore
Storm the beach, the worst is done

No price too high
To seat the throne, to wash clean the kingdom
No price too high
For justice to reign, to wash clean the land of its filth

Howling night, hours of bloodshed
Carnage reigns, gore on the sand
Come with and take this city!
Press my claim, we’ve nearly won

The prophecy has become true
The ghost of Renly confuses the soldiers
Panic and fear sweep through the ranks
Stand firm against the deception

No price too high
To seat the throne, to wash clean the kingdom
No price too high
For justice to reign, to wash clean the land of its filth